How I Can Support You

My work falls into a few categories. If you’re interested in any of the following, or a combination of things, you can schedule a time to talk to me here.

Organizational Development

I’m able to work with your business or company to help with the following areas:

  • Leadership Development Coaching- a series of individual conversations with your current or future leaders to expand their capacity, grow their personal management and help address areas where they’ve been getting ‘stuck’.
  • Management Development – I offer individual and group support for managers to grow in the fundamentals of management, as well as talk through more complicated management situations as they arise.
  • Communication, conflict, and feedback workshops- I provide workshops on moving through conflict and feedback, which are areas of organizational culture that can eat up an organization’s time and resources.
  • Conflict Management- I’m available to do individual or group conflict work with your staff and stakeholders to help move through existing conflict and establish better norms for future conflicts.


Mediation & Conflict Management

Most of us are released into the world as adults without any training in how to have hard conversations or work through conflict with one another.  I’m a certified mediator through the Center for Understanding in Conflict and am available for conflict work between groups & individuals.

For individual conflicts (divorce, decisions about caring for parents, business decisions, etc.) I’m able to assist two parties in coming to a mutually agreed upon solution where all parties’ needs are met.

I can also work with your community on group conflicts by helping to facilitate a conversation or series of conversations to work through hard and fraught conversations. Examples include a family trying to figure out how to take care of their parents’ estate, or a church deciding between selling their building or getting rid of their youth minister.



I love leading interactive, needed workshops work for organizations, congregations,  schools, and more. I present workshops on:

  • gender & sexuality
  • race
  • having difficult conversations
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • management best practices

These are all introductory workshops, that ensure people develop shared understandings and basics so that they can continue growing together after the workshop.


Nonprofit Board Support

Nonprofit boards can end up stuck in different places of conflict, unsure how to move through the disagreements to get back to a place of shared alignment and goals. I’m available to consult with your board to identify what needs resolution and help your board move through the necessary conflict to get there.


My rates range between $100 and $150 an hour for the services listed above, and I will negotiate contracts for larger projects and nonprofits.

How to Schedule: you can book a time to talk with me directly at this link.