How I Can Support You

My work falls into a few categories, although- like so many other things- it doesn’t fit neatly into boxes. If you’d like references for any of the following, I am happy to provide them.


Preaching and Pulpit Supply:

I’ve preached in a lot of United Church of Christ and Unitarian Universalist churches, on a variety of topics. I’d love to talk with you about filling in as a guest preacher and joining your congregation for worship. I am strongly drawn to the following topics:

  • bodies and humiliation
  • fear and uncertainty
  • working for justice
  • the confusion of living in this world.

All of my sermons are anchored in the vulnerability at the center of being human, the power present in all of us, and the wonder and confusion of it all.


Community Workshops:

I love leading interactive, needed workshops work for congregations, youth groups, organizations, and educators. I present workshops on:

  • gender & sexuality
  • race
  • difficult conversations & feedback dynamics

These are all introductory workshops, that ensure people develop shared language and frameworks so that they can continue the conversations and growth after the workshop. All of these topics are lifelong learning journeys that are named as such, and there is a recurring reminder that we will all make mistakes as we learn and do this work- it is a part of the process, and we can admit to and learn from our mistakes as we go.

If a faith community is interested in any of these and would be reassured by my membership with a formal faith body, I’m happy to share that I’m in the process of obtaining ordination through the United Church of Christ.



Most of us are released into the world as adults without any training in how to have hard conversations or work through conflict with one another.  I’m a certified mediator through the Center for Understanding in Conflict and am available for mediation between individuals in a variety of settings.


Funeral Presiding / Death & Dying Conversations 

Dying is a lot of things to a lot of people. I would love to talk with you about how I can support you and your family in this process, whether that’s presiding at a funeral, having conversations with people nearing death, or conversations with the family members of the person who died.

I do not have a set theology, and most of the dying people and families I support do not, either. Finding ‘the right things to say’ is a joint process between myself and other people, and the conversation is often more valuable than the end result, as powerful as that may be. Services are adjusted to meet the needs of the community and honor the person who has died.



This is what I love to do, and if it was at all possible, I would be able to do this for free. Instead of setting specific prices, I ask that you consider what my services are worth to you, keeping in mind what you are able to afford.

Here are some things to consider:

  • I would never, ever, want anyone to not be able to take advantage of needed services because they can’t afford to pay.
  • This work is the result of years of preparation, practice, and graduate school.
  • If I’m asked to preside at an event, what are you paying other professionals for your event? Florist? Funeral Director? What did I contribute to your day, in comparison to them?
  • How well did I understand your values and meet your needs?
  • I live in Granby, CT, and it takes me time and money to travel for this work, as well as time to prepare for each workshop/visit/service.
  • If you are hiring me for mediation services, what do other mediators in the area charge?

Just as you are trusting me with a very important day/workshop/conversation, I am trusting you to consider the above and pay me what you feel is fair.

If I am hired for a Racial Justice conversation, half of what I am paid will be donated to the Black Youth Project,