“Thanks again so much for all of your support– prepping that was super helpful, and the convo was much smoother and way better because of it. We landed in a good place and I am feeling really hopeful about doing the work together moving forward.”

“It was so good to have you here today. Thank you so much for the clear information and deep personal sharing you offered to our group, and for your grace with folks’ awkwardness, stumbling language, and messy questions. I’m grateful that you choose to make yourself available to educate others in this way… I am committed to making sure we carry on in the work with you.”

“On behalf of the Diversity Committee, thank you for the Racism workshop. It certainly provokes a lot of discussion, and causes us to introspect, hopefully allowing us to forge ahead rather than stall under the overwhelming weight of the subject. Thank you, your facilitation was great given the time constraints.”

“So many people were so complimentary, and particularly mentioned the presence you had.”

“as always when we spend time together, I feel like my head and my heart are a little stronger from our conversation.”

“OMG…last nights group prompted an unsolicited discussion with my daughter!!! She sat in the car and on her own, started talking about the discussion. I asked if she learned anything new, and she said “yeah, a kinda really big thing. Elliot talked about equality and equity and that is so big…it just makes it make so much sense”

Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation on Sunday. Your message was informative, inspiring, and challenging! I look forward to identifying next steps for our ONA ministry”